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Never get lost again with this accurate compass app. East, South, West, North

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High precision compass app for Android – your reliable and accurate wayfinding companion.

Digital compass is an precise compass app and a great tool for your outdoor activities to keep you aware of your current direction. This smart compass app allows you to easily identify the direction (bearing, azimuth, degree) you currently facing towards. Discover true north and enhance your wayfinding abilities with our advanced GPS compass app. Beside, It is useful for muslim prayer to find the Qibla(Kiblat). There are numerous advantages you can gain from having this advanced GPS compass pre-installed on your device.

Key feature:
• Pinpoint Accuracy: Determine your exact direction with bearing, azimuth, or degree readings.
• Comprehensive Data: Access your current location (longitude, latitude, address) and altitude effortlessly.
• Measure Magnetic Fields: Stay informed about the strength of the magnetic field around you.
• Slope Angle Display: Know the slope angle of your surroundings for safer navigation.
• Real-time Accuracy Monitoring: Keep track of your compass’s accuracy status at all times.
• Sensor Status Indicator: Instantly view the availability of essential sensors on your device.
• Direction Pointer Marker: Mark your desired direction for clear guidance.

• Stay Clear of Interference: Avoid magnetic interference from other devices, batteries, or magnets for optimal accuracy.
• Calibration Assistance: If accuracy falters, recalibrate your device by following the provided instructions.

Common Uses:
• Outdoor Adventures: Navigate with confidence during hiking, camping, or exploration.
• Home and Spiritual Practices: Utilize Vastu tips or Fengshui principles effectively.
• Cultural and Religious Practices: While finding the Qibla direction may not be guaranteed, use it for Islamic prayers or other spiritual purposes.
• Educational Tools: Enhance learning experiences in classrooms or outdoor educational activities.

• N point to the North
• E point to the East
• S point to the South
• W point to the West
• NE point to North-East
• NW point to North-West
• SE point to South-East
• SW point to South-West

This digital compass build using the gyroscope, accelerator, magnetometer, gravity of the device. Make sure your device at least has the accelerator sensor and magnetometer sensor or else this smart compass might not function properly.

What are you waiting for? Navigate with precision using our accurate compass app for outdoor adventures and travel. Download our free compass app now!

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Feb 23, 2024

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Android 5.0+

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  • Version 12.1
  • - Various bug fixed
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